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Product Specifications

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Sound & EUB Data, and installation requirements for
all of our casing gas recovery packages.

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Brahma's field proven line of Casing Gas Compression packages come in three standard sizes: CGR50, CGR140, CGR200 and CGR400. Designed to meet a wide range of flows, the CGR can be equipped with either a hydraulic or electric drive engine for maximum field flexibility, and include the following standard features:

  • Pneumatic pump for liquids removal.
  • RotoComp twin screw compressor.
  • Inlet scrubber complete with controls.
  • Twin activated alumina drying towers complete with auto regeneration to provide on site “spec” fuel gas.
  • RM-40 rotary sales gas meter.
  • Micron filtration.
  • PLC control panel.
  • Both sales gas line and on-site fuel take-offs.
  • Heavy duty oilfield skid and building.
  • 140PSIG discharge pressure.

These casing gas recovery packages are fully equipped, self contained packages, designed to operate in your environment and with the capability of adapting to your operating conditions. Contact a qualified gas compression expert today to learn more.

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